Small night market stall selling rock Roast Chicken how to do a monthly income of 20 thousand

street barbecue snacks a lot, we are sure to often see, then there is such a young man selling barbecue income considerable. Today, we interviewed the hero is a food industry stalls, that is, snacks, called "rock barbecue". And is a little handsome boy, with the most popular word is called small meat, in the end how handsome? How much money can you earn a month? Following along with the younger sister together to meet the little meat.

stall sister: you simply to other friends to introduce yourself.

friends: you stand stand friendly, my name is Wang Duan, a small village was born in Guizhou in 1988 in Liupanshui, graduated from high school came to Yiwu to work, do the workers in the jewelry factory, has been in Yiwu for 6 years, began to stall business last year, the beginning is the most familiar jewelry industry, selling some small accessories in the area but, see a lot of people, very few people buy, see a lot of people selling clothes and socks shoes sell very well.

then sell children’s clothing, but because of the advantages of size complex to give up, in June this year to start doing this because I Roast Chicken rock, found that no matter what commercial customers are likely to buy, and repeated consumption is relatively poor, but the food is not the same, as long as good a lot of repeat customers, in front of two months because it is not very familiar with earn less, the last 2 months of every month is more than 20 thousand profit.

stall sister: you said that the practice of rock baked chicken you are training or buy secret recipe or what?

Wang: making rock Roast Chicken is not complicated: will be marinated chicken or chicken wings or whole chicken or duck in a special series of hardcore, rolling back and forth over charcoal is baked. Although it is not difficult to make a chicken, it is not easy to roast the chicken. As we usually cook like the same food and the same conditioning everyone do it may not be the same, the heat is what time ah too many factors, however, I have my stunt: special sauce, precise temperature moderation. Plus he is cheerful, are greeted to each customer, many customers also boast I laughed good-looking.

stall sister: do you have any tips on sales?

Wang said: "Limited sales is my secret, that is, the Internet said hunger marketing, I prepared every day is basically quantitative. Every day I will be ready to carefully baked goods to ensure quality. There is no backlog, income stability, people are more relaxed. At the same time, I limited supply, and now every day to buy late – not today, tomorrow he will come back to buy."

stall sister: if you do not know how to do it? It’s not fresh anymore.

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