What principles should be followed in happy Entrepreneurship

a lot of people when it comes to business, think of the pain of the stick, and give statistics cannot be successful, okay, and the return of money, failed, forever pain, in fact, we can also do not have pain, also can be happy so what business, must abide by the principles?

1,   get up early

I found through the test, get up early every day can make me full of go and get the greatest happiness. It can give me a good feeling of the beginning of the day, this will almost lead to the rest of the day will feel good. After a period of time, I found that I had a feeling of "getting up early", which allowed me to do a good job and maintain a high concentration of attention. The  Happiness  Project Gretchen  Rubin in a recent   an article mentions a similar experience:

2,   daily fitness

3,   relax yourself

"the richest, the most happy, life is the most efficient investment can go all out in a challenge, at the same time to relax, replenish energy."  ??

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