Home brand out of the trough with the price

for many owners of home brands, the trough is very easy to encounter, because the home industry will have off-season. Summer, home improvement market into the off-season, but the home improvement company is more busy, launched a variety of promotional tools to attract consumers. The consumer in the Internet home improvement products under the bombing, more and more attention to price. More home improvement companies this year, the product has been cost-effective route, aimed at steady win.

more intense off-season sales

7, Home Furnishing industry August is the traditional off-season, but in the off-season environment, Home Furnishing industry both stores or Jiezhuang companies are on the increase in promotions, stimulate consumer desire to buy; many Jiezhuang companies also as usual, like a raging fire held anniversary celebration.

Executive vice president of

high price to attract consumers

however, consumers in the purchase of decoration products, in addition to price concessions, tend to be more high-profile and cost-effective products Home Furnishing brand. Some consumers said that compared to the price, quality is more important. Compared to price promotions, more consumers are concerned about the quality of furniture and environmental protection. Therefore, the high cost of decoration products is always the choice of consumers.



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