Where will the convenience of snack bar business unpopular

now, the snack market is very broad, we choose snacks business, business is very good, good snacks will be recognized by the people, the characteristics of the brand, the market is broad, it is worth choosing. Snack bar business is very hot, a lot of people want to open a snack bar, but the location of the snack bar is also very important, where the convenience of the snack bar business will be hot? Now, let’s take stock.

choose the right area

general snack shop location needs to follow the most important principle is to choose a large flow of people or people gathering area. To focus on the center of the city to the location, if opened in the suburbs, it should choose the center of the region, or the future of municipal planning to focus on the development of the region. In the 500 m radius of the best no other types of shops.

commercial building centralized area

commercial building white-collar is a fixed source of tourists, commercial buildings in the area of general snack bar type of civilian food and beverage will be cheap because of its advantages to make a good profit. White-collar lunch is a large part of the delivery, so in the location of the time to take into account the wonton and noodles and other food easy to paste rotten, to control the delivery time.


shop in the vicinity of the school business will be very good, but generally limited to universities, vocational schools, because most of the primary and secondary schools will be arranged by the school lunch. For example, gold master wonton in Normal University, Jiaotong University, Nanhui University City and a number of commercial vocational schools have opened a branch campus. But in the school summer vacation, the tourist will all of a sudden a lot less, need to prepare, or in the city center near the school, so that nearby residents or passing traffic can still be maintained.


hospital in the vicinity of the snack bar seems to be very lively appearance. Visiting people, want to improve the food of the patient, the hospital now to stand in line for a long time, queue for diagnosis of the patient also need to eat. After solving the problem, in the vicinity of the hospital to set up food and store hygiene must pay special attention to.


There are a lot of shops inside and outside the

store location, store staff and people to buy things, as well as the surrounding residents are relatively fixed source.

residential area

The location of

residential areas are different. For example, a lot of cypress village population, the Taiwanese, young people and stop the taxi driver is.

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