How to open a fabric store to recruit a very good shopping guide

We all know that

is the general business needs of the staff, the fabric store is like this, usually to sign shopping guide, in fact, in addition to relatives, friends, husband and wife shop, general store is open fabric need to recruit staff, when recruitment will encounter some problems. For example, what kind of shopping guide can be regarded as excellent, how to open the fabric store to retain excellent shopping guide. In this article, Xiao Bian will analyze and analyze this content for you.

recruitment channels determine the type of recruitment:

shop is often friends or relatives or attach a recruitment at the door, let the job people into his shop, this is a good method, but the choice of small lot, on the one hand, the limited circle and so a person is often he needs to work, and not necessarily the one you need.

has the best conditions to the talent market share or distribute information, or in the local network recruitment information, because it means you want to recruit staff level.

for example: a relatively large size of the shop, the recruitment booth set in the talent market is about 300 yuan, two times (two weeks), as the general company, with the recruitment requirements and publicity company POP X display, more formal, and she also received a lot of resumes, guide for the average age of more than and 30, are relatively young, educated in high school or above, including college 5, one of which is a fashion design school graduates, two boys, the preferred recruit 10 people, this is an advantage of formal recruitment channels, can move to higher education of young people, of course is that a mule is a horse, walk back to know, three months out of the period, the fact that education is important, but not the only factor, character and understanding is more important.

fabric store shopping guide staff character determinism

personality cheerful, even if it is not lively, but must not depression, indifference. Shopping guide is not the more the better, but to be able to just right, said in the idea. The face is not good, do not do shopping guide.

usually a few words have made the best sales performance, but within Neixiu her face, calm, clear eyes, the tone is certainly not bluff, showing a reliable manner in the eye contact with customers, of course it and she usually studies professional knowledge and sales skills inseparable.

has a seemingly very smart shopping guide, often always say superfluous words, not always into a single, later found, she always speaks not see each other’s expression of mood, often telling their own stories, so the character is not a decisive factor, the key to see whether can.

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