Dishwasher female entrepreneurship from debt 200 thousand to net worth millions

said it was a young thing, now in the social pressure increasing today, young people out of accident, even the middle-aged female friends can start to develop their own career. Sun Qiuping is to succeed in climbing, delicate appearance, rational thinking is the cause of their yearning and pursuit constantly, in the "age, the pursuit of unlimited" support of this belief, she continued to interpret their own understanding of success.

was unprepared for her "Mongolia", it becomes empty life. And after she lost her job soon, her husband was laid off, the family suddenly no economic source, and the child is still in school, in order to live, how to do? Can only find another job.

"to wash the dishes here." On the morning of the first day of work, the chef, Kimda Miro, gave her a job in japanese.

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