Spring Festival is very important to do the details of the operation

details of the work for a lot of business has a very important impact, but for a store in the Spring Festival period of operation is a different general influence. In short, during the Spring Festival business is very important to our retail customers, we also attach great importance to the link of stocking, sales and service under the foot work, but we can not ignore the details of things, as the saying goes, the details of that success or failure, during the Spring Festival in sales, the details also play an important role.

build environment. The environment is obviously for cigarette sales and other commodity sales promotion, but during the Spring Festival, people such as weaving, sales unpopular, many shopkeepers may ignore the business environment, especially in rural areas of some grocery stores, small supermarkets, often appear goods are random, the ground is full of waste scene. As we know, the Spring Festival period of consumer groups, the main force of the consumer is often 80, 90 young people, they are very important for the sales environment, so our retail customers in the Spring Festival, don’t forget to tidy up.

we can use some lanterns, posters, and other items China node express a thick atmosphere of the new year at the store, to attract consumer attention, in cigarette counter, can use the empty cigarette, empty box design and unique style, to attract consumers to patronize the business end of the day, our retail customers may feel very tired. But I suggest that you still have to take some time to store up, on the goods, clean up the house, after all, a neat, clean and tidy goods store can attract more consumers to patronize.

training staff. During the Spring Festival, because the business is hot, many shops will hire some temporary employees, as the saying goes, a good employee top half boss, so that the clerk for the Spring Festival sales have a very important role. We want to do a good job training to the staff, imagine a do not understand what she can do sales, he is only a simple Porter, so we must do a good job of the clerk is responsible for sales, training, through training to understand the characteristics of goods to sell, target consumer groups how to guide, how to recommend, cashier, to have the ability to quickly identify the real money, do customer service service, according to customer demand the most rapid response, which requires us to do the training.

security concerns. If the sales during the Spring Festival is 100, then that is the security of the 1, there is no security, what is zero. During the Spring Festival, we have to do a good job in the safety of goods, the store’s security measures are complete? Warehouse security facilities are complete? We close the door every day over the store and check before closing, the doors and windows are closed, water and electricity are closed, there are people on duty to tell the shop staff on duty, on duty should pay more attention to the fire safety of electricity.

we also need to do a good job of capital security, every

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