How to break through the bottleneck of smart phones

now, the hand of a smart phone, has been the status quo of the Chinese people. Intelligent mobile phone currently has "gimmick, innovation is dead" deadlock, 6 years ago the first apple iPhone mobile phone mobile phone can subvert history, in recent years, digital technology fans will shout "too enjoyable", and not wait for the mobile phone field intelligent machine products under a shock four.

LG new G2 flagship mobile phone, in addition to having the configuration parameters of the current most popular, what is unique? Many people think that the back of the camera is just below the volume control device.

this several mobile phone could hardly have been the representative of intelligent mobile phone, brand businesses to fight is no longer a smart mobile phone breakthrough, is only act tough and talk soft upgrade. Intelligent mobile phone market in the world into a bottleneck, Samsung and apple as the main representative of the high-end market is close to saturation when he emerged from the apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy low cost cheap mobile phone and NOKIA in the low-end low-end smart machine gimmick.

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