Wang Wencheng accumulation of venture capital to start again

what do you need most? Different people have different opinions. Entrepreneurs will feel ready to join the venture, Professor Wang Wencheng of Jilin University School of economics professor Ceng Zaiyi field micro entrepreneurship lecture on warned the students, first to choose entrepreneurial venture capital accumulation. The following is the speech finishing.

of course in human society, the importance of the relationship resources still have not, you can restrict the key factors of entrepreneurial success, the need is, you should be in line with the development of the creative. So, where does this creativity come from? In my opinion, the knowledge, ability and thought that the students have learned in school are the source of creativity.

generalized and narrow entrepreneurship entrepreneurial venture, the latter in the eyes of some people is to open a shop, when the boss, such as the gate of our school there is a sell spicy, often at the door shouting "please on the two floor, if our students are engaged in this industry business, I do not support. Although you can accumulate some experience, but I do not agree with this kind of experience — you’re shouting "please on the two floor, as high school called" please on the two floor, then you can go, bending the waist, you now, as a college student, the waist to you. Not be bent down, mouth, not even open, it is not called export.

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