Eliminate customer bias salespeople need to pay attention to these problems

sales is a very hard work, the quality of sales staff is also very critical. When the general customer first for the sales staff meanders are often very inconsistent. So, how to dispel the customer’s prejudices, the success of the customer’s mind, is a sales staff must take lessons.

to eliminate prejudices sometimes directly point out the methods available to deal with, certainly must take certain risks, but when conditions permit, may wish to try. The sales staff in order to make the method directly point out the work, we must choose some breakthrough, many stereotypes tend to have a lot of flaws.

"too expensive", which has become almost every customer’s pet phrase, "I don’t think this implication is the price", instead of "I don’t have much money". It is asking customers countermeasures: "how is your method?" Let me think about it first." It is also common to dodge an excuse, which means "I’m not ready", instead of "I don’t want to buy, the sales staff to take the point out the method is that the customer and ask: what are you hesitating?"

The process of

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