Tyrant boss self built wine cellar rice wine business

Chinese is a huge demand for liquor, and home brewed liquor quality if enough pure reap a good business, and the establishment of their own nouveau riche cellar, rice wine sales, entrepreneurship should be encouraged.

House dug a wine cellar, wine wine led farmers planting rice

wearing an old jacket, wearing a pair of cloth shoes, with a hoe dig cellars, in front of reporters Zhou Ping seems and has a magnificent house owner, and more online reports of "no soil" label is not a stick, just like a typical image of farmers.

chats he dug cellar story, he only said: "I was a farmer, he stubborn strength, so in their own house, dig the cellar only worry about the hard work; before the cement business with little money idea, think of the wine cellar, wine out of the wine can be assured that the neighbourhood to buy cheap wine; wine and sell better, meters to more, so as to make people willing to allow farmers to sell grain and grain, is no longer difficult."

have money, what the most promising? According to most of the rural people’s idea of course is to cover a new house, but not to want to do a week is not the same thing. 2003, when he was in the Indian village of cement industry in the rapid development period, more and more people do cement business, on the contrary, the growing grain growing.

"dry the same thing, others come, I will slow down." With the most simple and most luminous understanding, after Zhejiang and other places to learn from the field, he gave up the dry cement business, and the initiation of the idea of grain wine. In that year, his own only 5 acres of land, and then contracted the other people to 10 acres of land, planted a glutinous rice. Then, Zhou Ping the opportunity to build a new house, dig underground cellar, after more than a year of effort, a few hundred square meters of wine cellar completed. Subsequently, he used the kind of glutinous rice, local sweet spring, specializing in the production of pure glutinous rice wine, sorghum wine, rice wine, bayberry wine, strawberry wine and other rice wine.

because Zhou Ping wine taste mellow, price concessions, Yellow Wine pin near neighbour, exported all over Hunan. With the increasing demand for wine, raw material supply of high-quality glutinous rice shortage. In 2006, he contracted 30 acres of land, with one family own glutinous rice, and relying on the local farmers, custom-made, fixed income, pricing methods to obtain high quality glutinous rice, which not only ensure the high quality of glutinous rice Everfount supply, and help local farmers planting water recommended

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