Straits financial forum held in Xiamen

the development of the economy, the need to continue to strengthen exchanges in various fields. This time, in order to further promote the economic development of the region, Xiamen strait financial forum. For this event, we’ll find out the details.

6 15, from the National Economic Council Taiwan Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipal People’s government, Taiwan Financial Services Association, the Shanghai gold exchange, financial news host, Xiamen city finance office, the District of Xiamen Institute of finance, Xiamen city banking association, Xiamen securities and Futures Industry Association, Xiamen Insurance Industry Association hosted the eighth Strait Forum – Straits financial forum held in Xiamen.

strait financial forum to expand non-governmental exchanges, promote the integration of development as the theme, highlighting the exchange of enterprises and grassroots. At the forum, the Shanghai gold exchange, deputy general manager Song Jueqin award to the Strait of Xiamen Financial Services Company.

in the Straits financial forum, the Shanghai gold exchange in the Xiamen Strait Financial Services Company award, is an affirmation of the trust and. In the future, the Xiamen Strait Financial Services Company will provide more and more comprehensive financial information to everyone in order to make the right decisions in a timely manner!

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