Matador steak – how to join a

western restaurant steak shops are more and more, of course, the brand makes these steak items are also good or bad, investors tend to have a reputation of the steak project, such as matador steak.

matador catering group from Taiwan, honest and reliable and adhere to the principle of quality in China so far, won the customer’s enthusiastic support and response. Group by in the Chinese world rich food cooking experience, to the world stage for Taiwan beef noodle flavor, unique style by professional R & D team matador deployment, and on 2010 in Shanghai launched a food brand — the matador Taiwan beef noodle brand new, as a starting point, hoping to share with the international delicacy Taiwan’s World Tour’.

delicious food, attentive service, the enjoyment value is the only proper course to take, the matador’s achievements in 2011, the matador group and its brand matador steak and Taiwan beef noodles have substantial growth in the future, we expect to have become the most China well-known restaurant chain, hope to squeeze the world the catering stage forefront, delicacy and happiness from the matador share with people around the world.

how about the matador steak? What are the conditions? How to join? See the following details:

matador steak join condition

1, with a legal personality of the legal person, to join the contract to be signed as a legal person.

2, to love the operation of Western food and beverage industry, and has a good sense of innovation and the determination to create a career, a stable and peaceful attitude.

3, with a certain cultural foundation, with the ability to manage, operate and develop continuously.

4, there is an essential investment funds, generally require 210-230 million.

5, there is a reasonable operating site (350-400 square meters).

6, agree with the matador’s business philosophy, business model, obey the company headquarters on the business and image of the unified management, guidance, supervision.

matador steak joining process

1, the quality evaluation of the franchisee

stores the company to understand / join the store funds, manpower, material resources, technical assessment / franchise financial credit

2, join store confirmation

letter of intent signed by both parties

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