How to run a hot shop

operating hot shop needs to pay attention to what? This kind of shop is very common in life, although this is a popular favorite food snacks, but we can also see that each shop has a thriving business, then how should we do business? If you are not clear enough to learn.

after the preliminary preparatory work hard shop opened, in addition to the recruitment, training, purchase channels and a series of work, it is important to open after the operation, the business and income you store daily.

to ensure competitiveness and store products attract charm. Now the diners to the flavor of the food is more and more captious. Therefore, the unique taste, is the first key to retain the diners. Especially, the soup with popular taste spicy. Spot gold you must be optimistic about the soup. Here is a small suggestion, you can put some medicine materials to enhance the taste of the soup, you will see how to collocation.

organized promotional activities on a regular basis. On a hot shop, it seems that the small bosses are afraid that the cost is not enough to come back. However, you must remember the small profits and quick turnover of this truth, so that more people know your store, but also afraid to earn less money? Small shops, chain stores, must not be a dream

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