Teach you to become a good challenge to deal with the people

if you are a person who is starting a business or starting a business,  , there is one thing you need to know about J, that is, there are a variety of challenges in the entrepreneurial process. What you need to do is to deal with these entrepreneurial challenges, in the end how to do it? This article teaches you to be a person who is good at dealing with entrepreneurial challenges.

1, leave comfort zone

constantly challenged to motivate yourself. Beware of yourself, don’t lie in the comfort zone. The comfort zone is a haven, not a comfort zone. It’s just a place to relax and recover before you meet the next challenge. Do not leave the comfort zone final result such as warm boiled frog.

2, good mood


3, high target

4, strengthen the sense of urgency

20 century author AnaisNin (Anais) wrote: " addicted to life without fear of death ". Since that longevity does not help you enjoy life. Most people, however, turn a blind eye to their own lives. But on the day we will be prompted by a sudden impulse, planning big business, and our goals and dreams in enisWaitley (Denis) called " the " fantasy island; a vast expanse of water. In fact, facing death may not have to wait until the end of life when the last moment. In fact, if you can vividly imagine our deathbed, when will produce a feeling of regeneration, this is the first step of self shaping.

5, put aside friends

6, meet fear

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