Yunnan bridge noodle famous brand introduction

The story of

bridge noodle is a household name in China, and it has a history of more than and 100 years. The rice noodle has a hard feelings for Chinese, of course, as China snack, his presence can be said to be an integral part of food culture, which also advertised it in the catering sector can not be deprived of their status. Broad prospects for joining the bridge vermicelli. So what are the famous Yunnan bridge vermicelli joined brand

as a regional delicacy, now has a variety of different brands in the fierce competition in the market, following the formation of the brand has some well-known brands, the following Xiaobian summary.

a, Wang Ji chrysanthemum crossing bridge vermicelli

investment amount: 20-50 million

project details: kings of chrysanthemum vermicelli bridge was founded in 1996, after years of development, the headquarters has summed up a set of "Mengzi kings chrysanthemum rice noodle" characteristics of the mode of operation and management, and make the scale of the enterprise management level has leapt to a new stage of development, and has won the "Chinese famous snacks", "Yunnan snack" and "Mengzi Bridge Association" and so on. CCTV, Asia TV, Phoenix TV, Oriental TV, Yunnan TV, Mengzi TV station, Honghe has conducted several special reports, especially the central two sets of "big world" column to eat kings chrysanthemum famous north and South Bridge noodle.

two, Zou Ji Yunnan bridge noodle

investment amount: 5-10 million

project details: Zou Yunnan bridge noodle brand was founded in 2007, is the Shandong province famous trademark "Zou Benqi" catering company launched noodle brand, after years of development, Yunnan has been Zou bridge noodle with delicious food, high-quality special materials, quality service, qualified price, with advanced equipment and high quality the raw materials, to provide a win-win situation for investors and operators.

three, champion bridge rice noodle

investment amount: 5-10 million

Project details:

champion bridge noodle headquarters fully adhering to former "Yunnan bridge noodle" traditional cuisine, in the former palace into the vermicelli snack in one to show the development of the Yunnan bridge noodle series, with balls, vegetables, seafood noodle noodle noodle, noodle, noodle "intestinal fungus osmanthus and other major gold project, its products the nutrition and taste by consumers.

four, Royal chef cross bridge rice noodle

investment amount: 5-10>

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