The five step is to let you know how to choose the household water purifier

is now the market has a wide range of water purifier brand, meet the eye everywhere, as consumers, are hoping to buy a water purifier product quality is the best, how to buy a water purifier to good quality, there are ways, the following Xiaobian look.

household water purifier to choose one step: to understand the local water quality.

The principle of

water purification is to achieve the effect of filtration on the human body harmful substances and purification of water quality by means of terminal water treatment. According to different water quality, water purifier function design is also different. China’s vast territory, large differences in general water quality, water north is hard and many impurities, should choose the advanced filter water purifier or water softener with ion exchange resin filter; south water quality is relatively soft, heavy metals and two serious pollution, higher requirements for water quality of the family can buy pure water machine, if the local water quality is good you can choose superfilter.

household water purifier purchase step two: to confirm the purpose of drinking water or drinking water.

generally speaking, domestic water can choose the whole house water purification methods, such as the whole house into the central water purifier, etc.. The whole house water purification system during the renovation of the need for pre drainage, not only need to consider the amount of water, it is important that the effect of water. No requirement for pre arrangement of direct drinking water, can have a variety of choice and collocation, such as pre water purifier water purifier + five + leading water purifier, water purifier or pre +ro reverse osmosis water purifier, according to the needs of families in order to achieve a flexible combination of the best purification effect.

household water purifier purchase step three: to understand the home water purifier installation location, size and manner.

under normal circumstances, it is best to buy water purifier in the decoration, consumers at home ahead of a good amount of water purifier to the position and size of the installation, or decoration installation and installation, in the shop can do heart bottom, avoid buying inappropriate twists and turns. If you have been renovated, you can ask the installation staff to help you look at the layout, and to provide water purifier installation location and reference. General formal large brands have on-site installation services.

household water purifier purchase step four: to understand the water purifier brand and qualification

water purifier market brand which brand is good, a hundred flowers contend in beauty, consumers can first look from the well-known brands, such as the United States, Angel water purifier water purifier brand water purifier is the domestic well-known brand. If you are not familiar with the brand, may wish to check the water purifier test reports and certificates, to see whether the brand is endorsed by the State Department of health permits, whether through the identification of their ministry of National Technical Supervision, in line with the national "drinking water standard". This is a necessary condition to ensure the purchase of a regular water purifier.

household water purifier purchase step five: water purifier parity

currently on the market and there is no uniform water purifier purchase standards, many consumers in the purchase of the net >

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