Food chain franchise management standards

food chain store operations management system if not established, for franchisees, operating machine will be seriously affected. If you are a novice still do not know how to do, you can learn a lot, Xiaobian compiled the relevant skills, I hope you can help you achieve the success of business management, the successful operation of your restaurant.

(1) store operations management objectives

(1) revenue maximization

sales is the main business of the store, only to expand sales as much as possible, in order to achieve the goal of the store’s profit. The maximization of sales revenue is not blindly or simply using a variety of promotional methods to achieve, but must be standardized through normal operations to pursue higher sales.

(2) operating cost minimization

improve store sales, is the goal of each manager efforts. But no matter how much sales increase, if not strictly control the shops of various links of cost and expense, the store may have very low profit or no profit or even a loss, all efforts will be in vain.

(two) store operation management standard

the main management of store management, on the one hand is the daily must complete a certain category and a certain amount of work, on the other hand is a certain number of employees with different operating skills and experience. Both to ensure the successful completion of the daily work, but also reasonable arrangements for staff, give full play to and use of human resources. Therefore, the operation and management standards developed by the shop, in essence, is a detailed, careful division of work, operating procedures, methods of operation, operating standards and operational assessment.

(three) store management standards development process

1, reasonable job division

2, the standard procedures for the development of

3, record the test run data

4, determine the operating standard

venture capital restaurant chain stores, shops every day to run, otherwise it lost its significance. A professional shop, the daily operation also needs to be standardized systems and processes to support, but whether the shop operation can achieve what kind of effect, the degree of implementation depends on the entrepreneurial orientation and the policy.

restaurant chain franchise management system is the most important to have a workable standard, in accordance with this standard, standardized operation, to be able to make everything in order, the novice recommended

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