Sir – all steak franchise

steak to join the project which good? Xiaobian recommended for you to join the steak steak. So what are the conditions for joining the brand? See the following details:

Jazz steak conditions:

(1) with good moral integrity and credit, good professionalism and management skills.

(2) has the ability of communication and leadership, passion for food and beverage industry, entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

(3) agree with the Jazz steak brand, with an open mind, healthy mind.

(4) to accept the management of headquarters and local agents. Agree with the operating model of jazz steak, clothing to the unified management, standardized management.

(5) agree with the Jazz steak management system and decoration style, willing to participate in the training, to comply with the provisions of the management.

(6) love coffee steak culture, of enthusiasm for the steak steak, the development of the cause of the coffee steak and coffee steak culture.

(7) has certain management ability and financial strength.

five star service, the consumption of civilians, elegant and stylish dining environment, the unique management of food, jazz steak came to the restaurant from all walks of life friends. The famous name of the shop spread thousands of miles, steak of Chinese flavor. Sir steak will unswervingly to create national brands struggle!

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