38 wonderful activities top ten outstanding women in innovation and entrepreneurship were commended

Match 8 Women’s Day arrival, Suzhou to carry out rich and colorful activities, of course, in this important festival, more need to recognize are those outstanding women entrepreneurs, in the entrepreneurial tide, female entrepreneurial strength is more and more powerful.

commended in the "top ten" women, has laid off not set records, Yong Chong industry chairman Tang Jianying; promoting the traditional culture and crafts masters Xu Zhongying; a home business benefit back to the village leader Huang Yanping rich etc.. In addition, the general assembly site also exhibited some outstanding women’s research results and entrepreneurial achievements, issued the top ten outstanding achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship women’s compilation.

to encourage more women to enter the role of innovation and entrepreneurship, the recognition of the General Assembly should pay more to open up, let the modern women know more to create a cause of their own importance.



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