Analysis of the five advantages of Bao Sushi

what is the key to join the brand catering, Xiaobian see how its main market competition in the catering market is an economy competitive power is relatively large, with strong market competitiveness of the brand can help a lot for your future business. Shanghai lion road Catering Management Co. Ltd. brand (Bowbow) Bao sushi, the principle of "the simple concept of advanced delicacy popularization, popularization, retains the traditional Japanese sushi fresh, join the original formula, the fusion of rich taste carefully, in 2009 opened the first store in Shanghai only six square meters of Fudan because, always adhere to the quality, make the cuisine is also delicious, popular, fashionable, happy, happy ideas to eat sushi every friend. Shanghai star Shang channel, news entertainment channel, arts and humanities channel Shanghai first financial has repeatedly reported.

Analysis of five advantages of

Bao sushi joining

join advantage:

1. quality advantage

Bao sushi is made in Japanese cuisine work for 20 years, and in Japan for the chef created not only to maintain the quality and taste of traditional Japanese sushi, years of industry experience, the intentions of the fusion, the unique formula is developed, the rich taste better. Sushi sushi creative sushi, not just a simple traditional sushi, each sushi also has a variety of ingredients, one can enjoy a variety of delicious, while absorbing a variety of nutritional value.

2. brand advantage

six stores, the chain of one hundred and twenty stores, from 2010 to start the development of franchise, has a set of perfect franchise management system. The successful management experience, taste unique formula, pure handmade with freshly made quality assurance, hot selling scene, attracted many repeat customers, attracted Shanghai news entertainment channel, is repeatedly reported, arts channel, let treasure sushi in the minds of customers established a strong brand effect.

3. management advantage

one hundred and twenty stores six years of successful management experience, let treasure sushi formed five: a unified unified store image, unified distribution system, unified management system, unified training system, a unified guidance system. From site selection, design and decoration, shop staff training and guidance to guide the whole process of support to help the operator to eliminate the confusion of the shop, so that it can quickly set up a profit for the business partner to solve the worries of the shop.

4. investment advantage

operating mode diverse Hua, standardized training, simple operation, low threshold, no experience. Store wide selection, shopping malls, shops along the street, walking street >

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