Detailed analysis of Yiwu jewelry wholesale purchase methods and techniques

Yiwu wholesale market can be said to be a business gathering place, where you can purchase with ultra low price, while the wholesale purchase here also pay attention to methods and techniques, so as to ensure all smooth, easy start.

1, purchase wear: Yiwu jewelry wholesale market buyers to the wholesale market is not the same as the jewelry, the clothes they wear is multifarious, so we feel like what kind of wear does not matter. But it is not the idea, don’t dress too fashionable and elegant (how to say the last but also the strength to live ah, unless you take a special move goods, so that small attendant) casual casual wear better ~~

2, purchase tools: with a black plastic bag, but this is a jewelry wholesale market to take the goods ah!!! After you look at the boss think you are taking a large single to take his price is completely different. Of course, if preparing a massive purchase, pull a two wheeled car is no doubt your identity (no way ah, now a lot of people to buy their own also known as goods, then buy one or two……)

3, the purchase terms: in Yiwu jewelry wholesale market wholesale professional terminology took the price; how to get the number o; how to get; but how much discount (don’t lay said: "this is how to sell ah")

4, purchase budget: according to the situation of their own shop, clear every time in the jewelry wholesale market purchase or replenishment of funds, types, quantity, so even if the overrun also do.

5, purchase survey: each city is very large and small jewelry wholesale market in Yiwu are many, so want to buy a good variety, choose a few comprehensive index of jewelry wholesale market before the start of the investigation. There must be two good habits: the source of interest to ask for…

6, to determine the purchase: in accordance with the information directly to the goods after the investigation is that the process of attention to three points. The first is the promised return principle, that will be assured of a packaging bag, you don’t need to adhere to the one to check, wholesalers will think you trouble will not stingy, and you are willing to long-term cooperation; second is the purchase price to the number of the list must be retained for record stock but also to return the third point is the relationship between documents; maintenance, whether open shop or…

business every step of the regulation, the purchase process is also so look out of order, follow the above purchase strategy, I believe you can save a lot of time and energy, to select a suitable small ornaments, open exquisite jewelry store is not a problem.



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