Dessert chain how to choose the location of the five good location

dessert chain must bear in mind that it is the site, a good location, you can make dessert chain to attract more consumers, better business. Although the site is not necessarily the cause of the failure, but the election of a good store location, is indeed conducive to the store to enhance store turnover oh. So how to choose the dessert chain? Let’s take a look.

Commercial Street

for the old commercial street shops, consumers have developed a fixed consumer habits, people flow, investment will receive a return immediately. However, with the expansion of the city after the accelerated pace of smaller shops appreciation. For the new commercial street shops, which requires time accumulation of it, but the new district once formed, its potential value can be reflected, corresponding to the new commercial street people’s consumption habits yet to develop, after the investment cost recovery period is slightly longer.


franchise store location delicacy Street


the best residential area is already mature occupancy rate is high, the best several residential areas together, both high-grade community or in low communities, customers need to bear the rent are not particularly high. The specific location of the store is the best place to go in and out of the residents, such as the calculation of the distance from the customer walking, generally choose a radius of 300 meters, about 10-20 minutes walk range is appropriate.

around the school

location should pay attention to whether the next to the school or school is the only way which must be passed, if the surrounding schools can relate to the nature has never been better. Can also be in the cafeteria, supermarkets, apartments, etc. is also a good choice oh.

before dessert stores, you must first do a good job planning, want to shop a good place, a good location has a great influence on dessert chain business. These sections are a good place for dessert chain, for reference only.


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