Automotive beauty club failed to invest in case sharing

is now a similar brand in the industry there are many, not every business can make money, even in the most prosperous industries are so. While people are jealous of the successful cases, also need to pay attention to the failure experience, avoid detours after their day.

2008 in October 7th, I decided to take over a car beauty shop.

11 million transfer car beauty shop, very consistent with my risk tolerance. But I’m not familiar with this industry, my family also did not have the courage to resign. I do not have any management experience and no time management, the possibility of failure is great. But I think of a solution, with the manager of the joint venture.

The manager called

before making a decision, I have read the book store. The basic situation is: the shop only do washing, beauty and simple maintenance (including washing is not profitable), the average monthly turnover of 30 thousand yuan, of which all costs include wages, workers accounted for 18 thousand yuan. If the depreciation of equipment, sales commission and other factors, I estimate the actual net profit of 10 thousand hand. If this profit is divided into management, my investment income will not exceed 5000 yuan per month.

decided take over the store, I want to start to do business mentality: either buy a failure experience, or to second stores.

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