Cai Wensheng into the entrepreneurial rock era

each person has a different understanding of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial environment for the moment have a different view, welcome more entrepreneurs to share.

along with the transformation of economic increment to the stock of the economy, capital and entrepreneurial strength more phase China market. How to seize this round of venture dividends, grasp the capital to help push? Many entrepreneurs who want to succeed in China also have what kind of quality? Long lead investment chairman, Meitu Xiu Xiu successful investment projects such as Cai Wensheng, Rui Feng capital founding partner Li Feng, and ener angel investing partner Li Zhu San Daga, the Asian entrepreneurship competition, in the face of thousands of domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, expressed their views on the hot issues.

users determine the size of business prospects

throughout the world, he believes that intelligent Internet based market based on only 2.5, one is American, one is China, and half of India. Because more than half of India’s people in the next few years can not consume smart phones. Even Japan and Germany, it is difficult to have a large Internet Co because of the population base, because they do not have enough user base. After 2010, China has achieved a world leader in smart phone ownership, 1 billion 252 million smart phones, coverage has reached 85%. U.S. smartphone coverage is only 70%, the whole of Asia is only about 30%.

Real Investors are not afraid of risk

"the world’s top investors take a fancy to the market here." When referring to the financing environment, Cai Wensheng stressed that as long as you have the story of creativity and execution do not have to worry about money. This is not a bad time, so it is true? Li Feng and Li Zhu believe that in the current economic environment, the financing environment is still cold, but entrepreneurs can put the cold when the spring.

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