Guangzhou the creation of the generation of the year award ceremony ended

build a successful platform to create a lot of public need to pay a lot. Sponsored by the Yangcheng Evening News hosted by the creation of the genesis of yesterday’s annual awards and sharing of the salon, a lot of people here to share entrepreneurial experience.

founded nearly a year of Yangcheng Evening news media platform and financial innovation generation finally ushered in a moment of blossom. Yesterday, from the Southern China venture capital circle of the big coffee and the banking sector representatives came to the Yangcheng Creative Industrial Park, to participate in the creation of the generation of the year award and share the salon. Linkage technology, 3N science and technology partners, clusters of car treasure and other enterprises 13 won the Innovation Award and the annual award.

in the presentation speech, the Yangcheng Evening News Agency President Liu Hongbing said, the sheep late group is from economic development of the observer and recorder, communicators, conversion to public entrepreneurship, innovation, the establishment of the facilitator role, a generation is also bear the function of the platform. In addition to the annual awards, yesterday in the salon sharing, Guangdong technology venture Cci Capital Ltd general manager Zhou Xiao Nan made a keynote speech, sharing the investment relationship between financial ecological circle, and for entrepreneurs and investors to communicate ideas. In addition, 3N technology partners, linkage technology, card lying on behalf of the network technology are also on behalf of the technology investment shares, technological innovation and shared economy roadshow sharing.


13 home enterprise award


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