The value of gold within sight of how to put the whole –

placement is correct, it will have a different role for the business of the shop so, if you want to make a shop business booming, nature will need in the commodity put work above put more effort. In short, commodity display is a learning, but also a promotional skills.

on the store’s display, the overall style should be clean, eye-catching. Of course, the display of goods should be changed according to the change of the season: summer, summer display, winter has winter display, here is not an example. However, is not deviate from the "golden eye": attention!

"golden line of sight" refers to the height of most people’s eyes, in the scope of the gold line of sight, we must put the best-selling goods, or that many customers need. If the gold line of sight of the thing out of stock, must not be empty, should take other goods to the top mobile, chances to sell is relatively large, because many people don’t want to squat down to see or do not want to see stepping hard, hard to look up, unless you want to buy what they want, the customer will deliberately to find. So, what goods in this gold position has to be carey considered, because on the above is a means of promotion.

of course, in addition to the gold line of sight, a lot of places where the goods are in fact we need to pay attention to. Heap display is also a good way to attract customers attention, promotion. The new year is coming, a lot of peers to gift items, special purchases for the Spring Festival store moved to a prominent place, put into a geometric pattern, animal pattern, cause the attention of customers, and remind them of their desire to buy the same marketing effect.

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