Car mat ten brands ranking

buy a car is equivalent to we bought a refined decoration of the house, until the real need to use, also need to have more decoration, which is a product of automobile demand is very big. Among them, the car mat is a collection of water absorption, dust absorption, decontamination, sound insulation, protection of the main functions of the five main functions as one of the automotive interior trim parts. Car mat belongs to the interior decoration, protect the car outside the car clean, play the role of beautiful and comfortable embellishment. Here, the small series for the introduction of a wide range of car owners ten car mats ranking, thereby giving convenience to people’s choice.

suggested the use of original special – foot pads and the chassis cavity tightly to better protect the carpet and achieve the sound insulation, anti slip effect, safety, comfort and other aspects of automobile factory have been considered, product quality is guaranteed.

car mat ten brand ranking NO.1:3M (founded in 1902 the United States and internationally recognized pioneer in the field of enterprise development, highway safety / medical / office supplies / optical core market to occupy the leading position, global diversified enterprises of science and Technology)

car mat ten brand ranking NO.2: five Taurus (automotive supplies industry dedicated car mat committee drafting standards, with a number of cutting-edge technology, products sold at home and abroad, Guangzhou chebang auto accessories manufacturing Co. Ltd.)

car mat ten brand ranking: NO.3 langgeshiming LGSM (South Korea joint venture, with independent innovation of enterprise vehicle foot mat, car mat related standard Cenbian units, Ningbo langgeshiming Automobile Parts Co., Ltd)

car mat ten NO.4 renown (brand ranking: ranlo car mat leader, has a complete modern production equipment and strong R & D / design ability, Zhejiang renownuv Auto Group Limited)

car mat ten brand ranking: NO.5 Yuma Yuma (from the famous Malaysia brand car mats, domestic high-end models for supporting pad quality brand, Dongguan Yinsheng Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.)

car mat ten brand ranking: NO.6 red ostrich (founded in 1987, the famous trademark of Taizhou City, one of the most complete product models, and larger production scale enterprises O sea group Sanmen Bay Technology Co. Ltd.)

car mat ten brand ranking: NO.7 hongshengyuan HSY (domestic scale very committed to a car mat Research & production of well-known enterprises, its product has high credibility and visibility, Zhejiang hongshengyuan car accessories Co. Ltd)

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