Love coffee tea – how much money you need to join a

world’s three drinks are cocoa, coffee, tea. A cup of coffee in love with the project will give us a taste of the taste of the two drinks, as well as the fresh taste of the impact of the two drinks. Love coffee tea, coffee, tea, a fusion of two hemispheres features, innovation to create a multicultural experience tea brand. Here you can enjoy elegant flavor of tea, taste and fashion romantic coffee, there are a variety of delicious dessert, ice cream…… So rich and colorful tea life, diners want to go, business is very good! Franchisees naturally want to join, join the brand on a lot of people to join, so natural hot coffee tea jiamengfei how much love? The following small for everyone to sum up.

How much money does

coffee fall in love with? Different forms of franchise stores are not the same. Specific look at the following:

single join cost:

standard store: 29800 yuan

flagship store: 39800 yuan

brand use fee: 2000 yuan

regional agency fee:

county-level cities: 75 thousand

three line city: 80 thousand

second tier cities: 90 thousand

first tier cities: 100 thousand

capital city: 300 thousand

Municipality: 500 thousand

provincial agent: 1 million

note: management fee 5000 yuan per year

hope that the introduction of coffee to join the cost of tea can bring you some help, if there are other aspects of the problem you need to know, please leave a message below our website.

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