Beijing ndustrial and Commercial Bureau nteractive Encyclopedia information is not true – the whol

yesterday was 315 a year, a lot of fake products exposed. Beijing Haidian District industry and Commerce revealed that the Interactive Encyclopedia known as the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia website, social media platform leading knowledge, for hundreds of millions of users Chinese providing free massive, comprehensive and timely information.

has an entry named "5S," said algae "containing eukaryotic algae, polar Cordyceps and other five rare ingredients," known as the magic bullet ", not only can the" beauty of impotence, can even inhibit tumor growth". But such a magical product, the State Food and Drug Administration website but can not find any relevant information.

this entry shows that the "extreme algae 5S" owner of the Shanghai heart know yuan Agel Ecommerce Ltd". Li Xi, deputy general manager of the company told reporters that the algae 5S is a new resource food.

China’s food safety law stipulates that food advertising shall not contain false content, shall not involve disease prevention, treatment function. But the heart of the yuan company said: because it is our knowledge of Science (Wikipedia) is not my product, it is on the side, although the edge of the ball pushing your product." Reporters found that in the Interactive Encyclopedia, there are a lot of use this way to promote the product terms, such as "B365", "fill the heparin" and "nerve acid" and "snakecactus" and other products, all kinds of effect description is extremely exaggerated.

a variety of false information to people’s lives has brought adverse, and even interactive encyclopedia entries are money can be, so that people feel incredible. Beijing Haidian industrial and commercial bureau in the CCTV exposure Beijing Interactive Encyclopedia technology Limited by Share Ltd suspected of publishing false information, the rapid response, the first time to conduct on-site inspection of enterprises.

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