90 female college students to go to the countryside to harvest strawberries

strawberry, but a lot of people love fruit ten minutes. And each to the strawberry season, those farmers who are happy to open the flowers, strawberry sales are very hot. Jin Yan more than and 20 year old female college students from city to countryside, resolutely strawberries, and she is really successful.

2012 in July, graduated from Southwest University for Nationalities Jin, came to the town of Yongfeng village village committee Lonza served as assistant director. In the investigation of the village industry development, she found the villagers because of fear of failure, do not dare to let go of the development of industry.

she learn from the Internet, the variety of flange. I did not expect this species does not adapt to the local climate and soil, pests and diseases, coupled with the management of technology is not in place, when in November put into operation, the output is not high, the taste is not good, did not open the market. For the first season of strawberry, let her to lose everything".

"the first season of failure, do not let me lose heart." She said she learned the lessons of failure, to Sichuan, Chengdu and other places of strawberry base learning. In Chengdu Shuangliu Bai’an strawberry base, she met the experienced teacher Chen Yuyong berry. "He analyzed my problems in terms of variety and management, and promised to help me."

2014 November, "strawberry sister" planting season second strawberry started production, selection of varieties, plus technical management right, strawberry taste good, the yield is also good, attracted the pillars and surrounding counties tourists to buy picking. During the Spring Festival this year, the price of strawberries sold 60 yuan per kilogram, the current price of more than $40 per catty. This season, at least 400 thousand yuan income." She said excitedly, "I got all the money I lost last season."."

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