Crooked is playing a good idea

as the saying goes, the gander, in life, there are many seemingly unremarkable, not a thing, but there is huge potential, with unexpected results. Entrepreneurship is also looking for a project. Here, Xiao Bian for everyone to take a few crooked is playing a good idea!

elderly small table


once saw a difficult et al information, some can open such a shop. Of course, this is just an idea, specifically how profitable, we can discuss the discussion. In the name of others, open a business friendly nature of the club is not bad.



now 80 has become the main consumer groups. But after 80 girls will cook less. General white-collar lunch has become a chronic problem. We can rent a house in the business district. Set up a love Bento shop. Love is easy, of course, with love as the theme. The office will inevitably have a story, maybe you can also serve as a tool for confession. It can be made into private dishes. You can organize a party at the weekend.

, Xiaobian introduce several ideas, seem not to the point, what is not, but in fact it is difficult to imagine, has a tremendous wealth of space! Hope useful to you!


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