What the whole Korean cuisine Museum Qingzhou

Korean cuisine brand so much why many investors only choose the Gyeongju Korean cuisine Museum, Museum of Korean cuisine has joined the Gyeongju what advantage? Look at the following specific introduction.

Museum of Korean cuisine

project Qingzhou

Museum of Gyeongju Korean cuisine more suitable for family dinner, first from the price is affordable, generally accepted, there is a large amount of food, suitable for people to eat more. In short, his family is also regarded as a high cost of Korean restaurant. In fact, a lot of people are here to eat the atmosphere, more familiar faces, the store’s service is also good, traditional dishes taste, eat up very refreshing.

Museum of Gyeongju Korean cuisine products mainly French Western-style food, Teppanyaki, Chinese and western buffet, pizza, western fast food, Italian Western-style food and Chinese simple meal and various characteristics of the snack. Museum of Korean cuisine in Gyeongju "service, health, clean, quality, integrity" business philosophy for the development direction, advocate "beautiful, healthy, delicious, nutrition". Gyeongju Museum of Korean cuisine in the "fragrant smell world, smile for life, heart station, business club" enterprise culture, promote modern leisure catering, continuous innovation, strengthen internal management, pay close attention to the brand image, the implementation of brand strategy and marketing innovation mechanism.

Qingzhou Museum of Korean cuisine in the fierce competition in the market foothold, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Gyeongju Museum of Korean cuisine development goal is to establish the excellent characteristic of the development of the chain corporation; maintain good quality and consistent from beginning to end sales service; in the promotion of the Gyeongju National Museum of Korean cuisine, Korean cuisine museum to Gyeongju has become a new fashion food. Gyeongju Museum of Korean cuisine in good faith on the basis of market oriented, common development with customers for the purpose, has become a leader in China catering chain.

Museum of Gyeongju Korean cuisine cooperation conditions:

1, as a brand franchisee must y identify the brand concept and Korean cuisine Museum Qingzhou

business model!

2, since it is entrepreneurship, of course, have a certain degree of economic capacity, but also have a strong intention to start a business. The development of Korean cuisine Museum Qingzhou economic capacity


3, enterprise with open arms to greet the world, but do not welcome a person of noble aspirations, lawbreakers! Korean cuisine Museum Gyeongju franchisee must is a legitimate citizen, no bad record, have a good reputation.

4, Gyeongju Museum of Korean cuisine investors have a certain investment ability, good risk awareness, there is no business experience.

no experience, no need for high capital, do not need to know how to operate management, as a brand agent, as long as you do a good job shop

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