Clothing store to follow the six principles do not want to fire is difficult

clothing industry is very hot, open clothing store is also a dream of many friends. Open a clothing store, a good name for the clothing store, is the first step to success. So, how to give a good name clothing store? Clothing store following the following six principles, it is difficult to fire!

"Jane", is the clothing store name is simple, concise and lively, easy to communicate and consumers. And the shorter the name, the more likely to arouse public reverie, meaning more abundant.

"", refers to the market positioning, clothing stores and clothing stores to name the main commodity, service, management goal and so on in harmony, to help in shaping the image of the clothing store.

"alone", refers to the clothing store name should have a unique personality, in order to avoid confusion with other similar clothing store.

"new", refers to the clothing store name to have fresh, catch up with the trend of the times, to create a new concept.

"high", refers to the clothing store name to have the spirit, high starting point, with the impact and emotional, to give people a sense of shock.

"bright", refers to the clothing store name loud, catchy. Words that are difficult to pronounce or do not have good pronunciation are not suitable for use.


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