A wild tea prospects

although Chinese people love tea, tea has always been a good business market, however, if you want to open a tea shop, you also need to know a little tea ceremony can do better. Tea shop must have their own characteristics of the product. Now people’s living standards are very good, more taste of tea. A wild tea, very many people to cater to the tastes of tea, the ability to make money is self-evident.

with the majority of popular "return to nature", the operation of green food, pollution-free health products favored by everyone. As a natural green tea drink, wild tea resources have not been exploited or exploited, even though few of them are used, their utilization and popularity are not high. Therefore, to expand the deep processing of wild tea products, has broad space for development.

wild tea soup not only clear green, fragrant and delicious, and medicinal value is also very prominent, is the best medicine to prevent and cure diseases. Some wild tea drinking has spread for thousands of years. As western Zhejiang is a kind of wild tea is called "golden tea", is the late Tang Huang Chao uprising army fought a long battle of Zhejiang Province, due to the heat and heat diarrhea, the villagers have offered this tea drink and cure, then rebel for gold, which is named after the golden tea, folk have been as cool and hot weather, Jianweixiaoshi, in addition to cough tired of drinking.

in addition, there is a call to "cyclocaryapaliurus" tree of the west region, growing at an altitude of 300~1000 meters in the valley, deciduous trees, leaves such as sweet licorice, the local people called "sweet tea" is a rare wild plant, used to make tea with detoxification, cough expectorant effect.

China is the hometown of tea, drink tea mountain folk has a habit of drinking tea drinks for the wild variety, such as wild ginkgo, wild chrysanthemum, wild Kuding tea, wild wild osmanthus, honeysuckle tea, not twenty or thirty, such as the development and utilization of these wild resources, management of mountain wild tea, "money" scene is very beautiful.

mountain tea shops and investment location:

mountain tea shops in the general 20~50 square meters, close to the community or located in the middle of the shopping malls and farms near. Target customers are middle-aged and older customers, the level of people who are mostly drinking tea, investment about 5000~10000 yuan. Capital investment can be small, mainly to see their own strength, about 5000 yuan can also be.

Operation points of the

mountain tea shops:

1, wild tea shop decoration, to pursue the atmosphere of traditional Chinese culture, the material is not necessarily advanced. But to have a taste, if the store can hang wild tea source and efficacy of pictures, posters, and strive to make customers willing to come clean and beautify, slow taste, feel worth.

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