Men’s cosmetics brand rankings

cosmetics industry market prospects, now whether a man or a woman, the choice of cosmetics are obvious, skin care is very important, many men know very little maintenance, but oily acne and other problems will occur in a man’s body, in order to maintain the skin, we must learn to use cosmetics. Here on the inventory of men’s cosmetics brand rankings, want to understand the situation of men’s cosmetics rankings, followed by a detailed look at the top five brands of men’s cosmetics bar.

said super powerful moisturizing products in the hall on the market today, Neutrogena’s men have to recommend this double moisturizing milk, it is designed for the Asian male skin moisturizing lotion design, refreshing oil-free formula, give skin refreshing, moisturizing, one bottle can deal with dry. At the same time can effectively reduce oil secretion, maintain all-weather comfortable and refreshing.

praise rate as high as 78% Skin Food men’s raspberry toner, toner is man one of the most popular Korean, its essence from raspberry extraction, and 5 kinds of compound Chinese herbal medicine extraction nourishing Yin Dan, repair male rough dull and lack of elasticity, wrinkles of the skin, create refreshing the texture of the male special soft compound lotion.


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