How much money is needed to join Herbie pie

in the catering industry to the ordinary small pie to join the brand into a well-known brand is not easy, but investment in food, Herbie pie do. Herbie pie after years of hard work in the formation of a certain brand, is to join the project a franchisee with praise, so much Herbie pie to join


joined Herbie pie need how many money?


years of precipitation experience of management and technology, the formation of the restaurant operation process and the various positions of the standardization of procedures, a simple mode of operation and to supervise the operation of the process, we are optimizing management mode, enhance the construction of corporate culture, shaping the brand image, in order to franchise the way in the national development company the establishment of the planning department, operation Department, engineering department, product development department, human resources department, training department, logistics distribution center and other departments. For fast food chain stores to provide scientific guidance for the construction, perfect shop support, the standard follow-up service.

jiamengfei Herbie pie between five to one hundred thousand. Herbie pie brand founded today has been a period of time, the brand belongs to Linyi City Lanshan District Herbie pie shop. Through continuous development and efforts to become engaged in fast food, nutritious food in one of the major brands. At present, Herbie pie in the country has opened 24 stores, each store business is booming, attracting a large number of consumers to taste the authentic Herbie pie.

franchisees enjoy regional protection policies. Franchisees enjoy the decoration design and decoration materials, package, display and other items. Company to provide product information and CD-ROM. Provide product development support, enjoy the right to product monopoly. Professional marketing staff to the regular visit to the store, its marketing operations, sales strategy to give guidance to help franchisees shop management.

originally provided by the company to join the product is an independent project. Special safeguard the interests of franchisees, such products do not enter other sales channels, franchisees can have a priority and a wider range of options for the company’s other products.

future market is an important quality of the market, the market competition in the future who can obtain the trust of consumers who can live in a better quality of red, Herbie pie had decided the status and future development, this is a good project is worth to join


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