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China drinks brand variety in the world only you can not think of the market will not have it, angry tea, of course this does not mean that we are dedicated to the ancient emperor’s tea, but a feature of the beverage project.

(Chinese), tribute tea from Taiwan Ali Tea Development Co. Ltd. to drink tea, the most portable high-quality raw materials for the production of the main field manual, Guangdong Tim grant (tribute tea) Cci Capital Ltd to undertake Chinese Taiwan headquarters management, perfect technology, and management concept; now has fourteen areas of Hongkong, Singapore, South Korea and the United States other countries and formation of fashion, noble, international tea chain brand, towards the global business chain store 10000 tribute tea tribute tea (China) business with you to create a healthy, fashion, international tea chain – tribute tea.

when we look at the city’s hustle and bustle, when the mood fell to the bottom of the valley, suddenly want to drink tea, this time the tribute tea. Today, small T take you to drink the first tribute tea, the tea from Taiwan, ·, the world’s good tea – tribute tea.

The first tea shop is located in Jianshe Road

Germany Gong (WAL-MART diagonally opposite), walked into the store first feel elegant, chic and comfortable. A floor stocked with several stools, go to the two floor sofa stool soft seat, very comfortable nest inside the mall, tired can come in and sit down, drink, or eat dinner with little sisters come here to drink tea in a whisper.

– Ancient tribute tea or ancient tribute to imperial tea; a represents the highest quality requirements and self acceptance; this is Ali of Taiwan Camellia drink development limited and Guangdong Tim grant (tribute tea) the Cci Capital Ltd management team of the mission, let consumers drink tea tastes like an ancient aristocratic palace. At any time, you can enjoy the world selected travel tea, is the ideal tribute tea management team.

if you have the idea of joining the tribute tea drinks, please leave a message below our website, we will reply to you at the first time when we see the message.

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