Silver ten brands list – the whole

in the vast market of jewelry, silver is a very important component, but also because of the special effect of silver, so that it has a very broad market demand, resulting in a growing number of brands. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of silver, to help more consumers in this area have to choose a more suitable silver brand.

silver ten brands list NO.1, Tiffany Tiffany – Tiffany (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd.:

in 1873, the world’s top 500 brands, diamonds and silver products known to the world, the world’s leading jewelry brand, the world’s top luxury goods, Tiffany& Co company.

silver ten brands list NO.2, Zhou Dafu – Zhou Dafu Jewelry Co., Ltd.:

was founded in 1929 in Hongkong, China famous trademark, one of China’s most famous and most large-scale jewelry brand, Zhou Dafu Jewelry Co., ltd..

silver ten brands list NO.3, Corsair Beijing Jin Kai Hongde trade limited liability company:

domestic chain jewelry brands, to operate the popular jewelry famous, dedicated in designing and manufacturing enterprises, Beijing Jin Kai Hongde trade limited liability company.

silver ten brands list NO.4, silversmith old Beijing old silversmith Accessories Co. Ltd:

was founded in 1998, ten silver brand, one of the earliest to independently design as the core of the individual silver jewelry processing enterprises, Beijing silversmith old jewelry co..

silver ten brands list NO.5, dream Xiang silver – Henan Xiang Xiang silver products Co., Ltd.:

began in 1993, one of the largest manufacturers of sterling silver products, silver products leading enterprises, a very well-known silver brand, Henan dream of silver products Co., ltd..

silver ten brands list NO.6, Laofengxiang – Shanghai Laofengxiang Co Ltd:

began in 1848, won the China brand, A Well-Known Trademark in China, large-scale jewelry enterprise group, ten jewelry brand, Asia’s top 500 brands, Shanghai Laofengxiang Co. ltd..

silver ten brands list NO.7, 7 DEG C – seven degrees Shenzhen City Silver silversmith Co. Ltd:


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