How to fix the rural stores consumer groups

better than the city population, although the economy in rural areas now is getting better and better, people’s income is increasing, however, and are willing to spend money is totally different. So, if you want to open a business in rural areas of hot shops, we also need to master a certain business strategy to get rid of rural consumer groups. In short, the rural commodity management, compared with cities and towns, to be more complex.

first, the consumer groups in rural areas is relatively fixed, the loss of one, a small income. Unlike cities and towns, the floating population, good business. To do a good job in this category of consumer groups, it is not easy, we see that almost every village in rural areas can have one to two retail stores, but the business is really doing well, not too much.

investigate its reason, nothing more than the conservative management concept, thinking is not open to the loss of consumer groups. First of all, we also come up with a cigarette, for example, usually, the general rural youth is not going out to work, is to go to work in the town factory, the real opportunity to consume at home is a certain time. At the same time, to consumer groups in the elderly who stay at home, these people are our real consumer groups, and this kind of person, because there is no fixed source of income, the consumption level is relatively low.

take cigarettes, they generally consume two yuan in the following, you want to put the high position of the cigarette reserve, people can not afford to consume, then you are not a loss? But generally encountered in traditional festivals, factory holiday migrant workers who are basically back, then, no matter from the cigarette, or other goods, the consumption structure will be improved significantly, therefore, in this special period, we must advance the supply of reserves, to prevent the chance away.

at the same time, for the rural people often use ", although the odds and ends of sewing does not make money," but also reserve supply sales. Because the shop is a matter of concern about the popularity of people who want to make money selling goods, where to buy. Not to make money is a commodity for your negligence, thus losing the opportunity to sell other goods.

of course, in the course of our business operations, not only need to better understand the customer, but also need to have a sufficient understanding of their own. The enemy can ever victorious. Good location around you consumer groups, like a field ready for war, your business is basically even half done, commodity management, but also to brain competition, whose mind flexible, one step ahead, who will be able to achieve better results.

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