Shanghai in 2017 to increase public rental housing

public rental to just graduated a few years of the child has brought more benefits, so that people can enjoy the preferential policies of the state. In Shanghai, this year in accordance with the allocation of public rental housing supply plan, Shanghai will be added to the distribution of supply (including pre allocation) to raise the city, the district raised public rental housing about 10 thousand sets.

raise public rental housing mainly includes Pudong New Area Zhou Kang air large residential community in some houses (located in hangtou Town, Putuo District) and Feng Yuan (in Yichuan Street), Yangpu District Haoyue square (in Bridge Street), Hongkou District (Rainbow Bay A block is located in the town of Jiangwan), Baoshan District Xiaoyun Bay apartment (located in Luojing), Jiading District Fulin Jiayuan (located in Qingyuan District of Qingpu New Area), Magnolia (in Xujing town), Songjiang District Rongcheng Xinye yuan (located in the Pine Street), Chongming District East Beach Gardens (located Chenjiazhen wisdom) and other projects, mainly in the 30 District to raise housing apartment layout to 50 square meters and a single dorm room.

distribution of the above project supply (including pre allocation) work will be started in batches. The launch of the listings for participation and service center construction of the Shanghai branch of the central enterprises, universities, research institutes and other related enterprises in the name of the unit, the overall rental, assigned to meet the conditions of access to public rental housing workers, young workers, the introduction of talent to solve the difficulties of living stage. The intention of the overall lease of public rental housing in Shanghai enterprises and institutions, and the Shanghai real estate security companies and public rental agencies operating in a timely manner to contact.

has a public rental, so that young people do not have to bear the heavy rent, so that they can work better. Shanghai will continue to improve the policy of public rental housing, good housing public rental housing financing and allocation of supply work in accordance with the basic principle of "reasonable scale and supply to focus, talent, recycling".

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