Where to eat authentic Japanese cuisine

friends who ate Japanese food should think it’s a good food brand. For catering investors, open a Japanese restaurant is a good choice. That Japanese restaurant is a taste of the dishes with your eyes, in fact, more exactly to use the five senses to taste food, namely: eye visual taste; taste smell the taste of ear – nose; hearing; taste touch – tactile and gustatory; natural tongue tasting. This kind of food in this life can not personally taste. In Polo Hotel Omar brother in pine nuts Japanese cuisine, does not become luxury hotel because of aura, contrary to its Japanese folk style in the hotel is more prominent.

authentic Japanese cuisine where to eat?

entered the Omar brother Marco Polo, the lobby of the hotel, turn left not far see pine Japanese cuisine signs, standing beside a waiter wearing a kimono. Stepping on the stairs of a lump in the throat, the front of the restaurant amazing. Elegant dining environment make it difficult to imagine themselves in the hotel, the restaurant is surrounded by rooms, the middle is a, there is a open kitchen, and the waiter wearing a Japanese kimono were busy shuttling between the various corridors and rooms. The light from the white ball in the shade of radiation, so that the entire restaurant with ambiguous dim, simple wooden table, wooden chairs, wooden compartments, and some small Japanese doll decoration, let the restaurant seem simple and simple, always revealing rich ethnic characteristics in japan.

said the Japanese restaurant is a taste of the dishes with your eyes, in fact, more exactly to use the five senses to taste food, namely: taste eye vision; taste nose smell; taste ear auditory; taste touch touch; taste and natural taste of the tongue.

Genmaicha, it is with rice as raw material, Genmai and Green Tea through soaking, steaming, rolling and roasting processes made together with a fragrant health tea. The first mistake is barley tea, asked after the rear the Genmaicha, once again found the taste and taste of barley tea compared to rice fragrance more rich, eat fried wheat is of particular fragrance of caramel flavor and Green Tea, the two are intertwined, it is have a distinctive flavour.

Grilled cod fish in

sauce, the water will be poured on the silver cod cod, bite, thick oil juice spilled from the COD, sweet taste quickly spread in the mouth, COD slowly in the mouth to open.

sushi, Japanese eat food, the restaurant to prepare a seaweed rolled sushi, salmon and other different types of sushi. After the entrance, rice and delicious in the mouth slowly scattered, Steamed Rice fresh and slightly acidic vinegar mixed with raw fish, fresh and sweet, flavor helped put fresh wasabi, ginger and other seasonings at the end, gradually woven into fertile, refreshing, soft and creamy, sweet, sour, spicy, cool…… Seemingly opposite

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