Huangzhong County, the first Hehuang folk art contest held

Taiwan Chuiladanchang, under Taiwan’s…… In November 6th, Huangzhong county’s first Hehuang opera contest held in Huangzhong County lushaer Town, which is an integral part of our province to celebrate the party’s eighteen big series of mass cultural activities.

it is reported that the folk song contest organized by the Huangzhong County People’s government and the provincial cultural center, folk artists from the local folk artists for the scene of nearly a hundred people to bring wonderful performances. Their vivid interpretation, won the audience applauded. The entry of "good", "three rural policy of reform and opening up new rural area", "publicity", "ten rural reconstruction" sing thanks to the Communist Party and other 16 programs, most of them are original works, and for the first time to meet with the audience, these works into the cultural elements and characteristics of a new era in traditional art, bring find everything fresh and new artistic enjoyment for the audience.

Hehuang quyi has a solid foundation of the masses in Huangzhong County, the size of the existing folk folk singing team 271, more than 3800 people, the establishment of Huangzhong County folk art association, the 12 branch. In recent years, Huangzhong County by the "cultural home village" project and cultural center support, updated 140 Song Yi’s musical instruments and audio equipment. Folk art team to actively participate in the "Fu Kang" action, "100 enterprises Union hundred villages", "military enterprises build a model village" activities such as the construction of new socialist countryside action, quyi team grew, singing level has been significantly improved. Today, Hehuang folk art has become the main force in the local cultural education, people entertain, and was included in the national intangible cultural heritage. (author: Li Xin)

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