Datong area in 2012 of ten Highlights – Civilization Construction Engineering warm people

Into the vast land of the chase, feel learning to carry out the spirit of the party’s eighteen strong atmosphere, feel the chase of the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in the future of the pursuit of a better life and the pursuit of the 450 thousand

went into the vast land of the chase, feel the atmosphere of learning to carry out the spirit of the party’s eighteen spirit, feel the chase of the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups in the future of the pursuit of a better life and the pursuit of the 450 thousand. The inventory of the past 2012, the construction of spiritual civilization in Datong area, the ten major highlight of the project not only for people living in this land has brought tangible benefits and benefits, to implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen, to achieve new goals to provide experience and basis of science.

highlights: moral model selection work solid progress. Successfully held in Datong County of the first "Tianqi Cup" moral model award in recognition of activities, selected the Liu Guihua 10 helpfulness, courageous, honest and trustworthy, professional dedication, filial love the old pro moral model, recommended Li Fushan, Lu Bingfeng 2 Qinghai good candidates, the Datong county cadres and masses of all ethnic groups have the goal, in time there is an example in the county, and then set off "the people around with things around education" to study the moral model of the boom.

highlights two: western development student engineering warm heart. Datong 5 fuck his poor students get excellent in character and learning the central civilization office 20 thousand yuan per capita "western development assistance project" funded. At the same time, the County Office of civilization through the fight for a total of 97 yuan to raise funds to support poor college students, poor students in the region of Datong, the benefit of the students of the 195 thousand.

highlights three: LED display promotional role warm people. Datong County Rural Credit Cooperatives from the fight for funds of 600 thousand yuan, in the town of Jingning Plaza building a large LED display. The party’s eighteen, the third session of the twelve Congress of the province, China – Qinghai classic mountain flowers will be the opening ceremony, the moral model and other major activities of the broadcast, the spread of civilization etiquette knowledge, the majority of residents to offer a rich cultural feast.

highlights four: Street, high-speed intersection landscape eye-catching. In order to increase publicity efforts to promote the work of civilization, both sides of the Ningda expressway through the commercial operation, making a single column outdoor advertising tower 9, installation screen 19, better display of the Datong County environmental protection, national unity, mutual support and other aspects of the achievements. 460 block fence public billboards made in the road, on both sides of the Jiefang Road County People’s road 354, 708 bus bays, rolling picture 23, and node will replace advertisement contents according to the festival, the attention and praise by the majority of residents.

highlights five: integrity education activities won million people. The combination of "faith Datong" construction, we in the county to carry out a wide range of rural credit project, city shops with fake demonstration activities to create a store. A total of 1 villages and towns to assess credit civilization, civilized credit village of the village, civilized letter users of 21932, the cumulative loan of $270 million issued 17. The selection of non fake model shop "in 20, and called;

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