How to evaluate the market segments

for entrepreneurs, the significance of market segments in the end where? Understand this issue, I believe will help entrepreneurs set foot on the right path to entrepreneurship, to find the best entrepreneurial direction, detours, quick to find a precise positioning of entrepreneurship.

the threat to strengthen the bargaining power of supplier. If the supplier can raise prices or reduce the quality of products and services, or reduce the number of supply, the market is not attractive. The best solution is to establish a good relationship with suppliers, and strive to open up a variety of supply channels.

the goal of entrepreneurs and resource

if the entrepreneurs in a certain market segments in some aspects of the lack of the necessary ability, and can not obtain the necessary ability of entrepreneurs to give up this market segment. Even if the entrepreneur has the necessary capacity, is not enough.


once beyond a certain limit will cause the pile up in excess of requirement bringing losses to the enterprise. While the potential market opportunity is not easy to be found, but it is because it is difficult to identify, if you find and seize this opportunity, your competitors to surface market opportunities, your chances of success are much greater. 80s recommended

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