Xining daily average growth rate of 138 new motor vehicles in the forefront of the country

In the first half of the city’s new motor vehicles reached 24816, according to the calculation of the 180 days, the average daily increase of up to 138 vehicles in Xining.

although the purchase tax concessions have been canceled, but the city’s motor vehicle growth is not staged ups and downs of the roller coaster market, this year has maintained a steady growth of motor vehicles. Reporters from the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment was informed that the first half of the year the city added 24816 vehicles, according to the calculation of 180 days, the city daily added nearly 138 motor vehicles, and the number of vehicles reached 266 thousand units, up to 300 thousand mark.

it is understood that, in addition to the rapid increase of motor vehicles, the city’s new driver has reached 20514 people, six months time to increase the speed of motor vehicles and drivers were at the rate of more than 20 thousand. Up to now, the city’s total number of people holding a driver’s license has reached 382 thousand people.

in recent years, the city’s motor vehicle growth rate continued to rise rapidly, in 2011 the number of new car registrations reached 42967, the rapid growth of this group of numbers, so that the city’s motor vehicle growth rate ranks the forefront of the country. (author: Zhao Linsong)


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