Continuation of the continuation of the city will be happy to 20 days

  September 18th, reporters from the city will contact the organizing committee to understand, originally on the 18 day 6 pm closing Guangcai Silk Road and 2015 Xining city development and investment fair, the public should be held, time will be delayed to 20 days 18.
in September 15th, when the fair city opened the prelude, Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center as the main venue of the 4 consecutive days were a south. This city will not only attract more than 500 enterprises in the province more than more than 2000 entrepreneurs came to Xining to study, to discuss cooperation projects, but also a public holiday. In order to give the public to show the new image of Xining new development, our heart exhibition in the exhibition, not only can experience cutting-edge high-tech technology, with exotic performances, and live free tasting steak, tea and so on; in the B Museum in Xining, can not only see the most homogeneous most of the real estate, but also to enjoy the unique special offer housing. At the same time, the intelligent Home Furnishing Museum, you can also experience the curtain with the rising sun don’t have to manually open and close automatically, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven through the mobile phone will be able to control the window, placed in soilless cultivation of flowers…… Life science and technology within reach of the future; wonderful everywhere, fair city has the most Qinghai characteristics snacks, famous specialty products, let the public a sinseong hoe, Nepal, Sri Lanka more fine jewelry and crafts and other foreign goods of red sapphire…… In short, fair city 4 days to the opening of the exhibition hall, every day rentouzandong, but there are still some people walk around the pavilion Yiyouweijin, want to bring more friends and relatives to come. There are many commuters and county people also have to leave a message through the network, telephone etc. they reflect said, because of work reasons can not come to taste the fair city wonderful, very sorry, I hope to continue to organize the fair city at the weekend, give them a chance to visit the city of fair.
in order to allow more people to have the opportunity to contact the city will understand Xining, at the same time, the city will contact the public as a happy festival, this city will contact the Organizing Committee in the multi-party coordination, fair city will be postponed to September 20th 18. If you also want to eat and drink addiction, but also want to choose a special offer listings, but also want to see a 3D, 9D, experience the life of a high-tech changes, then you are still waiting for this weekend?  

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