120 volunteers will serve the fair

The reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League in June 9th, to ensure that the 2014 Chinese · Qinghai green investment and trade fair and the first tour of Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge successfully, the provincial Party committee, Province Youth Volunteers Association, according to the Green Fair of the arrangement work, recruited 120 young volunteers service of this green fair.It is reported that the

, recruited 120 young volunteers, Green Fair 40 volunteers, the volunteers challenge electric cars 80, volunteers will begin 7 days to 13 days to carry out voluntary service from June 7th, specifically engaged in the regional consultation, visitor service assistance, traffic management, public service, concierge, guide language services, assistance, order maintenance and other volunteer work. For the Green Fair youth volunteer recruitment, organization, coordination and service work, and actively practice the spirit of volunteerism, Qinghai Province youth volunteer show good spirit and actively participate in constructing rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai enthusiasm, the provincial Party committee, Province Youth Volunteer Association for the recruitment of volunteers for the security services, general training, job training, and according to the personal characteristics and job demand docking services. In addition, the volunteers also issued a hat, clothing, to do a good job of logistical support.

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