nternational week of science and peace donation clinic activities held in Huangzhong

November 11th, held by the Democratic League of Qinghai provincial Party committee and Xining Municipal Committee of the Chinese peasants and Workers Democratic Party to "scientific leading innovation, promote the development of peace" as the theme of the twenty-fifth session of the China international week of science and peace activities in Huangzhong stopped Long Kou Center Hospital expansion.

Qinghai provincial Party committee and Democratic League of Xining municipal Party committee to the Villagers Democratic League sent $120 thousand worth of drugs, organization of Xining First People’s Hospital, Chengbei District of Xining City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Huangzhong County Maternal and child health center experts, and carry out health knowledge, science knowledge propaganda, let folks feel my medical and health industry experts the one to one service.


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