How to do the work of 70 government departments to accept nternet users evaluation

  this is the first 5 items to choose a

users of government work satisfaction, will become an important indicator of the annual assessment. In December 10th, officially launched in Xining county and municipal departments of social evaluation network evaluation activities, the ten day event, users can log in Xining City People’s government portal website, click on the "2013 performance appraisal satisfaction and participation in the evaluation of" column. Your vote will be true and effective records, as the government to improve the work style, improve the quality of service is an important basis.

December 11th, from the leadership team and leading cadres of the annual goal of Xining City, the responsibility of the leading group office to understand the assessment of the network is the first attempt in Xining. During the evaluation of three counties in the four district of Xining city and 70 municipal department will accept the evaluation of Internet users, you can choose five options in each department name after the satisfaction, satisfied and not satisfied, and generally do not understand in an objective and impartial vote. In order to ensure that the vote is true and effective, each IP address can only vote once, to avoid duplication of votes and brush votes behavior.

in fact, the network is only one of the six evaluation system in Xining. This year, Xining city will be through the Leadership Council, meeting debriefing assessment, social visits the household survey, internal self assessment, municipal departments (county) mutual evaluation, from left to right, from the "inside" to "outside", from "on" to "off" full range a scientific and impartial evaluation, measured results, promote the new job next year.


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